We play with the fire of our desire like it’s a game

Even knowing that neither of us will win

But I can’t quit now

There is no escape from your seductive embrace

Let this blaze of passion burn everything we’ve built

Leaving ash and dust in our wake

She’s an engineer, through and through. Logical and strategical. Except when it comes to him, her opposite. Then reason bursts and vanishes like a fragile soap bubble. The result isn’t clean. Their life’s a beautiful, wonderous mess.

She wouldn’t have it any other way.

He asked her dance. She hesitated. Confident she could waltz, but less sure of him. Her last lover was a tyrant. Would this one also try to possess her, making her heart shrivel and hide, or give it freedom to grow?

Her body is his map, to know and study. His mouth and hands have memorized every narrow passage, deep valley, and dangerous curve. He’s traveled her paths many times but still discovers uncharted surprises and secret routes.

Believing he’d forget her was naive. She disappeared but lives in the shadows of his vivid fantasies. Making him crave the lick of her warm, wet flesh. Aching to caresses her soft curves, and imaging the scent of her need upon his fingers.

“Do you love me as much as the day we met,” the old woman asked her husband, as they watch another sunrise during their sunset years. He turned, running a knotted knuckle down her wrinkled cheek. “More. Everyday l love you a little more.”

Don’t worry, she’s resilient

She’ll take all you have to offer

Your wicked whims and your sweet sensuality

Whisper your dark desires on her waiting flesh

Flush and ready

Both your dreams are waiting to come true.