Their meetings are clandestine but as inevitable as the waves crashing to the shore during a wild storm.

They are a hurricane of lust, longing, and lechery, one that’s willing to destroy anyone and anything on their path to satisfaction.

He as so beautiful it was as if the late, great artists had created him. Michelangelo carved his chiseled, perfect body and van Gogh painted his deep green eyes and perfect ebony hair. Too bad Dante was in charge of his attitude.

Morning Ode to Coffee

I love when its steam tickles my nose

I love its scent of sunshine & heaven

I love that first sip, hate the last

I wish it were one of the major food groups

My obsession, my love for coffee is downright distributing

Today was the day, she’s escaping this dying town with its decaying despair. She raced down the cracked porch steps and into her rusted car. Revving the old engine, she peeled out of the long gravel driveway, kicking up gravel and long-forgotten dreams.