I had an epiphany of the worst kind

To my light and love, you’re blind

All you see is the dark side of my heart

The razor’s kiss, the cuts, they tear us apart

I bleed despair and surrender to the sorrow

To the coldness of no tomorrow

Let her fantasies wrap around you

Crimson ties and satin lace

Soft as satin and smooth as silk

Heaven and hell

Euphoria and ecstasy

Slide into her paradise 

Find your pleasure

Some fathers clip the wings of their daughters.

Not her dad

He taught his girl how to spread her wings and fly

Up past the fog and confusion

Allowing her to touch the stars

And her dreams

Her taste for romance was eclectic and messy

A heap of passion

A splash of love

A dash of lust 

It was a mix of sweet and spicy 

The combination made for one delicious dessert