Dragonfly dreams

Whisper and waver
On the wings
Of hope and harmony
An oddity of optimism
And adventurism
Reminding her
When everything
That matters is shattered
Tattered and torn
Broken and burned
She’ll rise from the ashes
Of her despair and destruction

The zephyr breeze carries the sweet scent of desire along the streets of
her dreams.
There he awakens her longing and lust, thrusting into her midnight
fantasies, setting her free to soar on the winds of her pleasure.

She’s both a classic beauty and unique
Fabulous and feminine in every move
Compassion and passion pump in her veins
Strength and sensuality spill from her smile
Love and lust beat in her heart
She’s the essence and embodiment
Of women

Taking an uncertain breath
I made a request and confessed
Showing you cracks in my walls
Fissures in my confidence
A picture of my vulnerable exposure
My heart hammers and my pulse pounds
Will you still see me as a prize
Or is this where we wither and die?

Outside she is all smiles and blue skies

Inside her soul is a raging storm

A hurricane of hurt

A tornado of terror

A monsoon of madness

Heaven help the day she releases her tempest

She’ll destroy everyone and everything in her path

He runs a finger down her spine

And a hand up her thigh

Her heart screams No

While her body begs for more

She’s caught between agony and ecstasy

The value of her purity worthless

As her desires eclipse virtue