Her resolution is to Take

Grab onto the happy moments.

The smiles & freeing laughter

Grasp lust & desire. 

Ride the waves of passion

Seize new adventures. 

Let her heart race in rapture & exhilaration

My love

I don’t need an address 

You’re my home, my heart 

I don’t need a memento to our love 

You’re my diamond, my soul 

I don’t need lingerie 

You’re my vision of desire, my passion 

I don’t need air 

You’re in every breath, my life

Let her fantasies wrap around you

Crimson ties and satin lace

Soft as satin and smooth as silk

Heaven and hell

Euphoria and ecstasy

Slide into her paradise 

Find your pleasure

Some fathers clip the wings of their daughters.

Not her dad

He taught his girl how to spread her wings and fly

Up past the fog and confusion

Allowing her to touch the stars

And her dreams

She doesn’t march to the beat of a different drum. She grabbed the sticks and made her own rhythm and songs, ones that delight’s her. People call her odd, she shrugs and keeps dancing. If they can’t hear her music it’s their loss, not hers.

What I’ve seen in this world
What has been done to me
What I’ve done to others
Makes my soul bleed &weep
Some days I want to encase my heart in a metal #ferrule
To keep my dripping wound from killing me
To stop feeling
Then he laughs
A child grins
And I need to feel that