Taking an uncertain breath
I made a request and confessed
Showing you cracks in my walls
Fissures in my confidence
A picture of my vulnerable exposure
My heart hammers and my pulse pounds
Will you still see me as a prize
Or is this where we wither and die?

Her resolution is to Take

Grab onto the happy moments.

The smiles & freeing laughter

Grasp lust & desire. 

Ride the waves of passion

Seize new adventures. 

Let her heart race in rapture & exhilaration

My love

I don’t need an address 

You’re my home, my heart 

I don’t need a memento to our love 

You’re my diamond, my soul 

I don’t need lingerie 

You’re my vision of desire, my passion 

I don’t need air 

You’re in every breath, my life