The Internet an oxymoron

It brings many together while tearing other lives to shreds

It allows us to learn so much or it fills our heads with lies and shit

It spreads love and hate in equal dosages It is the modern-day yin and yang

(I know this is true, I read it online)

Racism, bigotry, and misogyny

Block it out, look away

Pretend everything is okay

He’ll cling to his illusions, she’ll hold on to her delusions

Hold tight to that slice of comfort

And never see anyone else’s discomfort.

“Don’t be an alpha-hole.” Tom snorted. “A what?” “An asshole that acts like an alpha douche. He thinks he’s a badass know-it-all and worst,” Kim leans back in her chair, “is under the illusion he can boss me around.” Tim’s smile widens. “I’d never dream of it.”

He as so beautiful it was as if the late, great artists had created him. Michelangelo carved his chiseled, perfect body and van Gogh painted his deep green eyes and perfect ebony hair. Too bad Dante was in charge of his attitude.

Morning Ode to Coffee

I love when its steam tickles my nose

I love its scent of sunshine & heaven

I love that first sip, hate the last

I wish it were one of the major food groups

My obsession, my love for coffee is downright distributing

His life was about as interesting as the static flickering on her TV; gray, unchanging. An indistinguishable and uninteresting blur. It was time to change to the channel. Hell, time to throw out the TV and his life. Exchange it for a different one.

The heart has two sides, and they’re hungry

The left is light warmth that craves hope, laughter, and love

The right is dark shadows that feast on resentments, rage, and spite

Which side you feed is your choice