The American Dream
Is losing steam
It’s time to apprise
Revise and realize
Forget anger and division
Seek a new vision
Skip the white picket fences
Let’s come to our senses
Remember the dove
It’s a symbol of love
Let’s heal not hate
So much is at stake

Early in the morning
Late into the night
I’m spinning out of nothing
But you’ve given me something
Showed me I’m born to be
More than my complexities
& false fallacies
You’ve thrown a curve
But I have plenty of verve
In our end
I found my beginning

The nature of time
Is capricious and constant
It comes and goes
Raining finite moments
Into an endless river
That flows deeply
Drowning generations
While resurrecting
From its boundless depths
New ones to swim
In its eternal waters
Of hope and heartbreak

Long years have taught her
The more she travels
Every place and no place are home
Knowing her weaknesses
Makes her fragile and gives her strength
Her heart is forever young
Even as wrinkles map
Lines laughter and sorrow
On her skin and many sins

She’s both a classic beauty and unique
Fabulous and feminine in every move
Compassion and passion pump in her veins
Strength and sensuality spill from her smile
Love and lust beat in her heart
She’s the essence and embodiment
Of women

I travel 

I search

For what, I don’t know 

A new life, adventure, understanding, inner serenity

I find bits and pieces of myself all over the world 

In stranger’s eyes, in their kind smiles

An in their cons and shams

I travel 

I find