Long years have taught her
The more she travels
Every place and no place are home
Knowing her weaknesses
Makes her fragile and gives her strength
Her heart is forever young
Even as wrinkles map
Lines laughter and sorrow
On her skin and many sins

She’s both a classic beauty and unique
Fabulous and feminine in every move
Compassion and passion pump in her veins
Strength and sensuality spill from her smile
Love and lust beat in her heart
She’s the essence and embodiment
Of women

I travel 

I search

For what, I don’t know 

A new life, adventure, understanding, inner serenity

I find bits and pieces of myself all over the world 

In stranger’s eyes, in their kind smiles

An in their cons and shams

I travel 

I find

She doesn’t march to the beat of a different drum. She grabbed the sticks and made her own rhythm and songs, ones that delight’s her. People call her odd, she shrugs and keeps dancing. If they can’t hear her music it’s their loss, not hers.

The Internet an oxymoron

It brings many together while tearing other lives to shreds

It allows us to learn so much or it fills our heads with lies and shit

It spreads love and hate in equal dosages It is the modern-day yin and yang

(I know this is true, I read it online)