Dragonfly dreams

Whisper and waver
On the wings
Of hope and harmony
An oddity of optimism
And adventurism
Reminding her
When everything
That matters is shattered
Tattered and torn
Broken and burned
She’ll rise from the ashes
Of her despair and destruction

The zephyr breeze carries the sweet scent of desire along the streets of
her dreams.
There he awakens her longing and lust, thrusting into her midnight
fantasies, setting her free to soar on the winds of her pleasure.

I travel 

I search

For what, I don’t know 

A new life, adventure, understanding, inner serenity

I find bits and pieces of myself all over the world 

In stranger’s eyes, in their kind smiles

An in their cons and shams

I travel 

I find

My muse is all I see, a flame in the dead of the night 

His taste lies on my tongue, salty and sweet 

His touch is a lover’s caress, both rough and gentle 

His songs are sultry, leaving me craving his melody 

His scent fills my soul, a fragrance of love, loss, and lust.