Pen to paper
Heart to soul
Poems are conscious
Dreams and nightmares
A few flutter gently
Catching moments of peace, serenity
Some warm, brimming with desire
Others scream of pain, heartbreak
All pour pure emotion
For you to catch, release, or caress

Sitting on the edge of their time
Listening to the ocean’s song of lost love
Her ephemeral light fades
As her treasured thoughts of him
Sink into her shipwrecked heart
She slips under the current of misery
Done fighting its pull, drowning in despair

Hands move
Over bodies and time
Telling the mother of all lies
That we’ll have another hour
A bright new day
But the clock’s ticking
Timeless numbers and notions
While seasons race to an end
And we reach for a new beginning

She sends a silent thank you to the midnight moon as it lights her path. Snow crunches under her boots and falls gently from the sky, as she enjoys the moment, this sliver of solitude amongst the tinsel, gifts, and holiday cheer.

Take a leap
Have Faith
Let hunger
Become wonder
As meaningful murmurs
Turn to mounting moans
Diving into the unknown
Urgent surging sins
Say, let it begin
Carnal actions
Causing distractions
Ending in sweet satisfaction

Cover my eyes
Swallow my cries
I offer no resistance
And I have no restraint
As the merest breath of your desire
And the scarlet rain of your sighs
Against my thighs gives me a high
That spirals in euphoria and bliss
All from your sweet, heated kiss