For years I ran
To destinations anywhere
Searching for anyplace but here
Drowning in a cacophony
Of doubt and timidity
But now I’m standing
At the crossroad
Of my fractured fears
And demanding desires
Ready to adapt, to mutate
To dominate

I’m a mess
But I digress
This is overdue
And it’s about you
Not me
Don’t you see
I’m wide awake
Nothing is fake
But your reality
Is a fallacy
We’re an illusion
I’m done with this delusion

Some say I need a dose of reality
Sorry, I’m unavailable
Too lost and not looking for direction
I’m sliding off the map
Into imaginary adventures
Sailing into the unknown
Found focus reflected in dreams
Reality, don’t come looking for me

You’re right next to me
But I’m in solitude
My needs raw and nude
We’re so close
Yet so far apart
It tears at my heart
Can you feel me
Sense our separation
Our loves damnation
I’m slipping past
The invisible barrier
Into my chaotic mind
Going completely offline

Deprived dark lullabies
Sing a nefarious sinful symphony
Behind her corseted shy smile
The foreign moody melody calls
To his private passions
Clearing cold cobwebs
From his hardened heart
In a crescendo of deep desire

Sitting on the edge of their time
Listening to the ocean’s song of lost love
Her ephemeral light fades
As her treasured thoughts of him
Sink into her shipwrecked heart
She slips under the current of misery
Done fighting its pull, drowning in despair

The American Dream
Is losing steam
It’s time to apprise
Revise and realize
Forget anger and division
Seek a new vision
Skip the white picket fences
Let’s come to our senses
Remember the dove
It’s a symbol of love
Let’s heal not hate
So much is at stake