We are free but there is no freedom
When we live in fear
We crawl into the cage of our making
Pushed in by the hand of panic
And locked with terror
The bars are made of trembling dread
We wait for someone to let us out
Never realizing we hold the key

Dragonfly dreams

Whisper and waver
On the wings
Of hope and harmony
An oddity of optimism
And adventurism
Reminding her
When everything
That matters is shattered
Tattered and torn
Broken and burned
She’ll rise from the ashes
Of her despair and destruction

He smiled, thinking he’d hit payday

It wasn’t until years later he realized nothing came cheap

The contours of her chaos cost him too much

And his windfall spiraled into a deficit he wasn’t willing to pay

The smoke screen vanished

His deceptions were revealed

The scarlet of his lies

Are reflected in her eyes

The web of his deceits 

Turns into bars of regret

Leaving him in solitary confinement

Alone and broken

I had an epiphany of the worst kind

To my light and love, you’re blind

All you see is the dark side of my heart

The razor’s kiss, the cuts, they tear us apart

I bleed despair and surrender to the sorrow

To the coldness of no tomorrow