Brusque words fall from red lips
He reaches for warm hips
As she yearns and demands
Frantic kisses and hands
That lights her flame
Of passion as she claims
Her burning desire
And setting their lust on fire

His range is a deep, alluring baritone
It hums along her ample needs
Appealing to her soul’s sensual song
The twang of his clever tongue
Sends a melody of desire
Shivering down her spine
Playing her
Favorite song

Your betrayal has opened my eyes
I see the deceptive smiles and so many lies
Hear the hollow tinny of your laughter
The false Happily-Ever-Afters
And know your velvet touch covers a hard heart
That is so willing to tear me apart

He might be the match
But she is the gasoline
Together their desire
Burns away restraint
And all constraints
Allowing the fires
To rage and rave
She drank in the sounds of his pleasure
Her sensual, sweet treasure
Tasting sweeter than her favorite wine
So plump and sublime on the vine
She craves another sip of his sin
Dripping from her chin
Becoming drunk on his heady desire
Intoxicated with his passionate fire

They don’t refrain or abstain
He clutches her curves
Giving her what she deserves
She clings to his strength
Loving his masculine length
Dark passionate intentions
Enchant and dance
Becoming a chant
Of sensual sounds
Where their playground
Is love and lust