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There are so many talented writers in the world, I am simply floored and it’s wonderful to be lucky enough to get to know some of them right here. Today you get to meet a wonderful person, an awesome author named DK Marie. If you enjoy contemporary romance, this is the author for you.

I asked DK to tell us what she’s working on. Since her novel Fairy Tale Lies recently came out, I was hoping for book two. Here’s what she had to say.

DK: I am working on the new book. Right now, it is with my publisher’s editor. I also sent in the paperwork for the cover. I adore the one for Fairy Tale Lies, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for the next book. While I’m waiting to hear back on that, I’m going through the first draft of the third book. This is my favorite part. The book is written but still fresh, and I’m getting to add fun layers to make the story richer. It is a blast.

Hands up if you’re excited. Mine are up. Are yours? No, seriously I can’t see you. I hope they are.Okay good.I recently found out that DK writes poetry. If you have the chance, visit her website to see what she’s writing about.

MN: When did you start writing poetry?

DK: Very recently. Maybe a year. I loved reading poetry on Twitter and Instagram. Soon I began trying to write my own. I found it to be a great emotional release. I was so nervous to post them, afraid I’d be called a fraud, but I adore the emotional punch poetry offers and kept writing them. After a while, I figured the hell with it and posted one. Since then, I haven’t stopped. I adore this avenue of writing. It has helped me grow as a writer.

Writing poetry is a difficult thing to do. I just need to say WOW! 

MN: Are you an overwriter or an underwriter?

DK: Underwriter for sure. I always make the cut, especially after I start adding in more world building details. When I write the first draft, I focus so much on the characters I forget there is a world around them that must be described. I put all that in during my second read through.

MN: Another underwriter! Whoo hoo! I’m the same way with my writing. It’s fun when you meet another author with the same affinity. Do you have a favorite scene in any one of your own novels, and why is that one your favorite?

DK: I will stick with Fairy Tale Lies, as I don’t want to give away anything with my books coming out.It would be a toss between when Greta and Jacob first met or when Jacob was talking with his brother when things weren’t going too well between the lovebirds.I love when the two main characters first meet because I adore the initial spark, the building chemistry. It is my favorite, and these two were delicious to write. Even now, I still love reading it.The scene with Jacob and his brother, Will, also get my vote because the two of them always make me laugh. They both tend to be serious, but when together, their dry humor and wit is on full display. Plus, it warms me to see after all they’ve been through that they are close, and lean on each other, as family and best friends.

Don’t you just love it when the author loves/hates their characters as much as you do?

MN: Have you ever written a story where you (even just a smidge) were rooting for the bad guy?

DK: No, but it would be fun. The story I’m working on now (book) I pity the bad guy, does that count? He is arrogant, but not a complete bad guy, not someone you want to see fail. Anyway, he’s making some bad choices with heavy consequences and is heading toward a train-wreck of a life. I want to shake him and tell him to wake up!

What do you think? I’d say it counts, right?

MN: Which do you feel is more important, the tagline or the cover?

DK: Cover. I believe if you don’t have an eye-catching cover, people aren’t going to stop and read the tagline.

MN: Can’t argue with that. Your favorite character in any story you’ve read about or watched on television.

DK: Jamie from Outlander, on T.V. and in the books. He is perfect because he’s imperfect. He tries to do the best by those he loves, is incredibly loyal, but not arrogant. His inner and outer strength is amazing. Plus he is handsome. Oh, and that accent…

MN: Um… agreed. I wish I could ask everyone this question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy is your TBR pile right now?

DK: Um, 25. There are so many good books out there. My old favorites and new authors I’ve discovered on social media is making my list skyscraper high.

MN: SAME! Final question: you pitch an idea to your publishers if they don’t like it and you think it will sell. What do you do?

DK: Find a different publisher, or self-publish.

Short and sweet. I like it and that is the perfect answer, because we have to believe in our own work if we want others to believe in it.As I said earlier, the world is full of so many talented writers and wonderful people that I always ask my interviewees to share some of the ones who have stood out to them the most, their friends, confidantes. DK wants to tell you some.

DK: There are a ton of good ones out there. I’m going to mention some that have some great books coming out soon.
Rowena Tisdale 
Willie Handler  
Michael Nadeau 

All my contemporary romance authors, my indie supporters, in case you were wondering, here is where you can purchase your very own copy of Fairy Tale Lies:

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Thank you for coming out today and getting to know the wonderful DK. I hope you had as much fun as I did.And a special thank you to you, DK. This has been so much fun.
patiently awaiting Book 2 (lol) No, I’m being serious again.
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