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Hello! I’d love to share with you what inspired me to write my Opposites Attract series. I adore character-driven stories, so for me, it’s their wounds, conflicts, and successes that have me turning the pages of a book until the wee hours of the night. It’s what I want to read, so that’s what I write.

Given the name of the series, it’ll come as no surprise to you that my inspiration is couples who seem to have nothing in common. They all come from different backgrounds, have conflicting attitudes and views when it comes to love and life, but in the end is just what the other needs.

In the first book, Fairy Tale Lies, the main characters are Jacob and Greta. In my mind, I saw Jacob’s icy blue, serious eyes. His street-smart smirk and rough-around-the-edges attitude. Greta stood politely next to him, her smile a little nervous and unsure but radiating elegance and kindness. As I’m learning my characters, different scenes tend to come to me, and I type them out. After, I’ll piece them in order, then write a loose timeline. Last, I will fill in the blanks of the story. The first scene I wrote for FTL was their incredibly steamy and stormy afternoon together as near strangers. From there, FTL blossomed and bloomed, much like a hot-house flower (and just as hot and beautiful).

As I wrote their story, secondary characters began to whisper. They wanted their story told. By the time I finished writing Fairy Tale Lies, they were no longer quietly asking but shouting and demanding. I listened to them, and that is why you get the next three books of the series.

The second story, Love Songs, is also out! The main characters are Tanner and Maggie. Tanner made a few appearances in Fairy Tale Lies, as he’s good friends with Jacob. Maggie is new and the perfect opposite to Tanner’s quiet and calm ways.

The third book will be available this summer, and I was bursting to write this one. The story revolves around Jacob’s brother, Will, and Greta’s sister, Cindy. Both were in Fairy Tale Lies (and Will made an appearance in Love Songs), and their fun banter and wit was a blast to write as secondary characters. When they took center stage, it was epic. I got to play more with their humor, but also saw there was so much more to these two. I fell hard for them both, and I’m confident you will as well.

As for the fourth book, I’ll let that one remain a mystery, as one character doesn’t show up until the third story and the other only has a very small appearance in the first two books. What I can say is they stole my heart, and I can’t wait to share their romance with you.

Sharing what inspired me to write the Opposites Attract series has been a joy. Thank you.

Excerpt of Fairy Tale Lies, book 1 of the Opposites Attract series

Greta Meier dashed down the carpeted hallway of Swift Financial, ignoring the agony of power walking in three-inch heels. That pain was minuscule compared to the dread pooling in her stomach. She’d lost track of time. Again.

Sure, she’d managed to fix the in-house software issue but, meanwhile, had forgotten the new client meeting. Glancing at her tiny gold Rolex, she groaned. Less than five minutes to make it to the other end of the building.

She could picture her boss’s disappointed face, made all the more stressful because it was her father. The image had Greta quickening her pace to a near sprint.

Rounding the final corner, she sighed. The large glass doors were propped open. Relief calmed some of her anxiety. She wasn’t late.

Inside the conference room, her assistant Rae motioned to the empty seat next to her. Greta nodded and skated alongside the outermost edges of the table, wishing she were smaller, invisible. She hoped no one would notice her near tardy arrival. The last thing she wanted was to come across as the empty-headed daughter of the boss. Someone who’d gotten the internship through nepotism. Therefore, any misstep ate at her confidence like termites to wood.

Her gaze zeroed back in on her father, and the usual mixture of pride and discontent filled her. She understood he only wanted the best for her, but sometimes his rigidness was stifling. Carrying her father’s expectations, and his disappointment of her, was a heavy burden to shoulder.

Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed her near-late arrival time. There’d be no displeased glances, no lectures concerning punctuality. He appeared distracted, deep in conversation with a man she assumed was a new client.

She gave an inward sigh of relief, allowing some of her distress to dissolve. Father’s career talks turned back the clock, and suddenly she was closer to seven than twenty-seven. Enjoying the reprieve, she relaxed into her seat and studied the client. He sat sideways, elbow propped on the table, large hand covering most of his face as he talked with her father. There was something familiar in the set of the client’s broad shoulders and his inky black hair.

Inexplicably, her heart began to race. Watching him filled her with trepidation and an unexpected yearning.

Her father faced the room, pulling her gaze from the stranger to the wall clock. Yup, ten on the dot. A meeting never started late. She glanced back at the client and choked on an exhale, her heart plummeting. He’d dropped his hand and was facing forward.It can’t be him. Her heart skipped with joy. Then promptly flooded with dread.

“You okay?” Rae whispered. Her voice sounded far away, wrapped in fog.

Greta couldn’t answer because the client’s familiar icy-blue gaze had locked on hers. His eyes widened in recognition.

He was clean-shaven, and today his hair was neat and combed back, but there was no mistaking him. Jacob. He had one of those striking faces, impossible to forget. The memories of the way those bedroom eyes had heated as he’d taken in her naked body, or how those full lips had ravished her, made him unforgettable.

However, she wished he’d slip from her memory and the conference room. Whatever his reason for being here wouldn’t be good for her.

“Good morning. Let me introduce Mr. Jacob Grimm.”

Hearing his name, he turned toward her father, allowing her to breathe.

“He runs Rework, a business repairing and refurbishing antiques. We’re taking it to the next level,” continued her father. “He plans on opening a brick-and-mortar shop in Detroit and developing a better online presence.”

Business owner? No, no, no. There had been some mistake. He wasn’t supposed to be sitting at her father’s conference table. Jacob was a deliveryman. He worked for his uncle. It’s what he told her at her mother and stepfather’s home. So, why wasn’t he lifting heavy things and breaking promises?

Greta flipped through the file Rae had given her. Successful was an understatement. His client base was impressive, as were the big names in the dossier. Stapled to the back of the folder was a copy of Jacob’s license.

Foolish woman. Hadn’t her father always told her to come to a meeting prepared? Had she even glanced at the file, she’d have recognized Jacob in an instant. Weeks had passed, but that foolish, impulsive afternoon was far from forgotten.

As her father addressed the room, Greta focused on Jacob’s picture. She found it safer than facing the actual man. They’d only spent a couple of hours together, but his wicked full mouth and penetrating gaze had been impossible to forget. Along with his magical ability to destroy all her restraints. Greta still couldn’t quite believe how easily her inhibitions had fled in the company of a perfect stranger.

She closed the folder and rubbed her sweaty palms on her pleated linen skirt. She stared at her father and tried to concentrate on his words, though he could’ve been speaking another language and she wouldn’t have noticed.

Focus. I need to focus and get control of the situation.

Leaning in, she whispered to Rae, “I need to go. Would you and Allen mind handling this account? I’ll owe you one.”

“What’s wrong?” Rae’s forehead furrowed in concern.

That question was too big to answer now. Later. “Will you do this for me?”

Rae bit her lip. “I’ll try, but you know your father wants you in charge of web designing.”

Yes, I know. Hopefully I’ll come up with a stellar excuse to wiggle out of the Rework contract. She’d worry about it later and mouthed a thank you and gathered her papers. When there was a pause in the main conversation, she addressed the room. “I’m sorry. There’s been a mistake. Allen Carnaby will handle this account with Mrs. Caitlin.” She stood. “I’ll find him.”

Her father’s stern voice stopped her. “No, Ms. Meier, the account is yours and Mrs. Caitlin’s. I have another project in mind for Mr. Carnaby.” His tone brooked no argument.

Darn it. There went her quick and painless getaway. She nodded. To argue was pointless and would only anger her father. Returning to her seat, she glanced covertly at Jacob. He’d lost most of his color and looked like he’d been poked with a cattle prod. Replaying the exchange, she realized she’d been addressed by her last name. Jacob must have caught it, grasped its significance. He appeared rattled.


Maybe he didn’t want to share their secret any more than she did. Thank goodness. It would save her from her father’s wrath.

Next challenge—squashing her lingering thrill at seeing Jacob again.

Here’s the blurb from Love Songs, book 2

Together, they make beautiful music.

Maggie carries music in her soul. She lives and breathes it.

Tanner is a reluctant temporary guitarist in her band. He wants the stability his day job offers, but Maggie sings to the wild side of his heart.

Maggie is equally drawn to Tanner: his talent, looks, and quiet humor. Every time they rehearse, the chords of passion between them deepen, proving the chemistry impossible to deny. They give in to lust, but try to safeguard their hearts, knowing they want different things from life. Maggie will never give up on her music, and while Tanner craves Maggie, he’s never wanted the life of a musician.

In the end, they must decide if they’re willing to adjust their dreams or become another sad love song.

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Champagne Book Group

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