Colors of the Heart

Her vibrancy paints the dark shadows of his heart, turning them into shades of love.

What is it about the men in Harper’s life? Every single one of them eventually let her down and abandoned her.

Damn it. She freaking knew better.

Her passion should be only for her art and her gallery.

She is a fool to think Lucas is different. Yet, she fell into his kind eyes and sensual smile, landing in bed with him. She offered him her unrestrained passion and hope for more. In return, he left her hotel room before the sun had even peeked over the horizon, not bothering to leave a note or his number.

Lucas can’t believe how royally he messed things up with Harper. He wants a second chance, but part of him wonders if it might be better to leave her alone. A past tragedy has left him a shadow of the man he used to be. Yet, he’s drawn to Harper and can’t walk away.

Once learning of his past, Harper agrees. She doesn’t want a risk falling for a man who might never be able to love her in return.

If only her body and heart would listen to her.