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C.K. Brooke

Award-winning author of young adult fantasy and romance books, C.K Brook interviewed DK Marie on April 12, 2019, about the upcoming release of her book Fairy Tale Lies.
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Sam Hendricks

Business Director & Editor @KyanitePub and Scifi author, Sam Kandricks interviewed DK Marie in May of 2019 about her upcoming release of Fairy Tale Lies.
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DeadWood Interviews

Hanson Oak and contemporary romance author, DK Marie sit down for the podcast’s first-ever late night chat. They discuss her book series “Opposites Attract” and the release of “Fairy Tale Lies,” while also exploring Hanson’s perverted notion of backwoods romance, answering Twitter questions, call each other out for unintended innuendo, and much more.
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Story Time

Hosted by ShamelessPlug DK Marie reads a steamy scene from Fairy Tale Lies. Listen to More Here