I travel 

I search

For what, I don’t know 

A new life, adventure, understanding, inner serenity

I find bits and pieces of myself all over the world 

In stranger’s eyes, in their kind smiles

An in their cons and shams

I travel 

I find

Her resolution is to Take

Grab onto the happy moments.

The smiles & freeing laughter

Grasp lust & desire. 

Ride the waves of passion

Seize new adventures. 

Let her heart race in rapture & exhilaration

The smoke screen vanished

His deceptions were revealed

The scarlet of his lies

Are reflected in her eyes

The web of his deceits 

Turns into bars of regret

Leaving him in solitary confinement

Alone and broken

My muse is all I see, a flame in the dead of the night 

His taste lies on my tongue, salty and sweet 

His touch is a lover’s caress, both rough and gentle 

His songs are sultry, leaving me craving his melody 

His scent fills my soul, a fragrance of love, loss, and lust.

My love

I don’t need an address 

You’re my home, my heart 

I don’t need a memento to our love 

You’re my diamond, my soul 

I don’t need lingerie 

You’re my vision of desire, my passion 

I don’t need air 

You’re in every breath, my life

I had an epiphany of the worst kind

To my light and love, you’re blind

All you see is the dark side of my heart

The razor’s kiss, the cuts, they tear us apart

I bleed despair and surrender to the sorrow

To the coldness of no tomorrow