The heart has two sides, and they’re hungry

The left is light warmth that craves hope, laughter, and love

The right is dark shadows that feast on resentments, rage, and spite

Which side you feed is your choice

She was tired of being timid and gutless. She wanted to become a feared monster, one who dances with the devil.
The Devil didn’t want another demon. Instead, he wrapped her in his ebony wings and taught her about courage and forgiveness.

Her friends teased her when she bought the rusty oil lamp at the rummage sale. Telling her, she’s no Aladdin, and there’s no blue genie waiting to make her wishes come true. She clutched the lamp. They were right. He wasn’t blue…

He’s a street musician. Society calls him a good-for-nothing-punk. In truth, he’s worth more than gold. When his fingers strum the guitar and his music fills those dirty streets and alleyways all that listen are soothed and loved; the rich, poor and forgotten.

“I love you. I want to marry you.”
She waits for it. That stifling panic of drowning in someone else needs and desires. It doesn’t come. Instead, joy swirls and flows between them. She smiles, and dives into his heart, swimming in his love and years they’ll spend together.

Some paint with oils and watercolors

Others paint with pens and word processors

More still, with instruments and voices

The reasons vary. To learn, to teach, to entertain

But all of give the world depth and color.