As I stare into those dark, hypnotic eyes

I’m willing to go down that rabbit hole

In to the twist and turns of your heart

To pluck a kiss from your firm lips

Before you slip away like an elusive dream

A fantasy gone up in smoke

Being around her is no game

She plays for keeps

The curve of her hip

The slope of her breasts 

Sets him on fire

Consumes him

She lights him up 

Hotter than the sun

They blaze bright

But will he burn to ash

His face had more lines than a map and fingers stained with nicotine. He was an old loner, ignored and forgotten. He made time for the unwanted and neglected child, taught her to read, write, and imagine. To her, the nobody man was everything.

He doesn’t need a show

No stockings or corset for him

Her skin is warm silk

With curves of sweet satin

Eyes of blue chiffon and gossamer

And a soft velvet smile

Her lust and longing is his lingerie