The nature of time
Is capricious and constant
It comes and goes
Raining finite moments
Into an endless river
That flows deeply
Drowning generations
While resurrecting
From its boundless depths
New ones to swim
In its eternal waters
Of hope and heartbreak

We are free but there is no freedom
When we live in fear
We crawl into the cage of our making
Pushed in by the hand of panic
And locked with terror
The bars are made of trembling dread
We wait for someone to let us out
Never realizing we hold the key

She travels along his desire
Needing a little lust and fire
In search of sweet, erotic bliss
Craving hands and a firm kiss
Finds it in the heavy weight of his body
In their fervent, desperate lips
And the thrust of his firm, sensual hips

Long years have taught her
The more she travels
Every place and no place are home
Knowing her weaknesses
Makes her fragile and gives her strength
Her heart is forever young
Even as wrinkles map
Lines laughter and sorrow
On her skin and many sins

She wanted him for forever and always
He desired to be wrapped
In her passion and problems
Until the end of time
Through the good and bad
They struggled and succeeded
Failed and fell in love
Again and again
Heart to soul