Love Songs

She sings to the wild side of his heart, strumming his needs against his desires, disrupting his harmony.

Maggie carries music in her soul. She lives and breathes it. 

Tanner is a reluctant temporary guitarist in her band. He longs a calm life and career, but Maggie and her music, sings to the wild side of his heart. 

Maggie’s drawn to Tanner: his talent, looks, and quiet humor. Every time they rehearse, the chords of passion between them deepen, proving the chemistry impossible to deny. They give in to lust, but try to safeguard their hearts, knowing they want different things from life. Maggie will never give up on her music, and while Tanner craves Maggie, he’s never wanted the life of a musician. 

In the end, they must decide if they’re willing to adjust their dreams, or become another sad love song.