Taste of Passion

She has a taste for trouble…  


I’m delighted my sister found her happily ever after—less thrilled to plan and spend the pre-wedding bash with the best man and brother of the fiancé, grumpy Will. The man is hot but wouldn’t know fun if it stood in front of him waving. I’d know because I’m the life of any party, but all he does around me is grumble and frown. So why do I love when I can steal a smile from him? And why does his rare, deep laughter warm me everywhere?


I have a million reasons for staying away from Cindy. One is her attitude. The spoiled beauty-queen is sexy and knows it, and expects me to bow to her every wish and want. Two, I’ve finally crawled out of the hell I created, and a woman like her could send me spiraling back into it. I can’t risk it, even if she lightens my heavy heart and makes me dream about a future I can’t have and don’t deserve.

Are these opposites the perfect mix for love or just a recipe for disaster?