Making Waves

He’s a risk she shouldn’t take. She’s a complication he can’t have. But when currents of desire run deep, can they resist the tide of passion?

Lilith Brooks is desperate for a divorce. But with her gaslighting husband refusing to sign the papers, the protective mother escapes with her daughter to their lake house they’d abandoned years ago. And after an amateur attempt at fixing the kitchen sink turns into a plumbing disaster, she’s blushing at the rather risqué blockage when her handsome neighbor wades in to help.

Asher Crowley is a single dad too busy for love. He’s focused on running his construction company and raising his cherished little girl—who’s intent on becoming best friends with the new kid next door. He’s then surprised at the equally easy friendship between him and his sexy, shy neighbor. And despite his best efforts to resist their undeniable chemistry, it’s becoming sweet torture keeping things perfectly platonic…

As Lilith tries to escape her toxic marriage and reclaim her independence, she fears her ship has sailed on any chance of a healthy relationship with the man of her dreams—that she’ll have to choose between love and freedom. And the more Asher pushes to help, the more the undercurrents of discord force them apart.

With tensions rising and desire beckoning, can they navigate their way to forever?