Today was the day, she’s escaping this dying town with its decaying despair. She raced down the cracked porch steps and into her rusted car. Revving the old engine, she peeled out of the long gravel driveway, kicking up gravel and long-forgotten dreams.

He is no innocent, but neither am I.

His touch makes me shiver and all the right places quiver.

I admit, I’m guilty of wanting to drink in his sins like a belly of gin.

Leaving me drunk on his flesh and tranquil in our debauchery.

Insanity lives in us
Will you let it spill out with a peel of wild laughter or have it trickle from your lips with a shy smile? Maybe you’ll keep it locked up, letting it dance around in your quiet fantasies. Or perhaps, you’ll free it to spread delightful and dreadful chaos.

Everything frightened the little girl, but she was the bravest person I knew. With a pounding heart and shaking limb, she tackled and beat all her fears into submission becoming a strong and capable woman. Never needing a hero because she became her own.

His life was about as interesting as the static flickering on her TV; gray, unchanging. An indistinguishable and uninteresting blur. It was time to change to the channel. Hell, time to throw out the TV and his life. Exchange it for a different one.

The heart has two sides, and they’re hungry

The left is light warmth that craves hope, laughter, and love

The right is dark shadows that feast on resentments, rage, and spite

Which side you feed is your choice