What I’ve seen in this world
What has been done to me
What I’ve done to others
Makes my soul bleed &weep
Some days I want to encase my heart in a metal #ferrule
To keep my dripping wound from killing me
To stop feeling
Then he laughs
A child grins
And I need to feel that

The word is full of false smiles and empty hearts, eager for you to be their next hustle. They’re willing to take your love, money, or dignity. Hell, all three.
Don’t let them dirty your view of the world. There are still pockets of beauty and kindness.

She watches him and excitement pumps through her. It’s not a trick of the light, this man IS the daylight to her ever-consuming darkness. She wants to reach out and touch him. Needs him to warm her. All over. Everywhere.

Her name is Polly
Society dressed her in vibrant pinks
And told her how to live
Tried to clip her dreams
Told her to speak softly,
Like light rain and live only to entertain
But she isn’t a pretty parrot
And she wants out of her cage

Their meetings are clandestine but as inevitable as the waves crashing to the shore during a wild storm.

They are a hurricane of lust, longing, and lechery, one that’s willing to destroy anyone and anything on their path to satisfaction.