From her bedroom window she watches a Halloween sunset bloom. Vivid orange and sharp reds blend with ghost caresses, but it’s the ebony darkness along the skyline that has her heart pounding and her blood racing. It’ll soon eat her alive with loneliness and longing.

She’s a Devil, Demon, and Angel all wrapped up in smiles and sins

A contradiction that’ll make your heart bleed and soar

She’s an addiction you’ll savor and dread in equal measure

You’ll feel so alive while she slowly sucks you dry

He’s patiently waiting, watching her

His molten lust almost masked

But there’s fire behind his eyes

An inferno of desires

Burning, waiting to consume

She reaches for him, needing his heat

To melt her cold heart

The owl visits each night, resting on the old oak outside my window. Hooting in the eery darkness, she asks, “who?” I tell her, “Lenore. I’m still waiting for Lenore.” The raven on the roof responses with, “Nevermore.”

They think I’m lucky but in truth, I’m cursed. My immorality keeps my beauty & youth, but meanwhile, I watch everyone I Iove fade away and die. I fear this will eventually cause me to slide into madness. Hell, I’m halfway there now.